Pinnacle Shingle Panels

What is Pinnacle Shingle Panel?

Pinnacle Shingle Panel’s are hand-crafted, 8-foot, single-course cedar shingle siding panels, available in various styles and two standard exposures, 5.3" and 7.1". All Shingles have a ½” butt and are genuine fine grain, 100% clear vertical grain, western red cedar that features a unique interlocking design that prevents driven rain from penetrating between shingles. For added weather protection the panels fit together with substantial vertical and horizontal overlaps.

Even Butt, Open Keyway
Pre-Mitred Corners
Even Butt, Closed Keyway
Staggered Butt, Open Keyway
Staggered Butt, Closed Keyway

Guaranteed Highest Quality Side Wall Panel In Today’s Industry

With meticulous hand construction and the use of durable materials such as a 3/8″ exterior grade plywood backer, stainless and galvanized steel staples and two lines of state-of-the-art adhesive, the system provides an extremely attractive, reliable and low-or-no maintenance siding product that’s suitable for all locations.

Pinnacle Shingle Panels can be installed, even by inexperienced workers, up to 8 times faster than traditional shingles installed by experts, with results that are as good if not better.

Pinnacle Shingle Panel’s western red cedar shingles are made from mill trim ends that would otherwise be chipped for hog fuel so, unlike cement fiber, vinyl and other faux cedar synthetic siding products, Pinnacle Shingle Panel’s “green credentials” are impeccable.

A true advancement in shingle panel design and technology, the Pinnacle™ Western Red Cedar Shingle Panel is made from 100% fine grain Western Red Cedar and features an advanced interlocking shingle panel design.

100% fine grain Western Red Cedar
Single Course 8׳ panels
Installation up to 8 times quicker
Proprietary keyway base lap in the joint 
All shingles have a ½˝ butt
3/8˝ Exterior grade plywood used as backer
Optional vapour barrier under shingles (special order, Cal Fire Approved)
Two lines of all-weather adhesive
Stainless steel staples
Dry to 12%–14% and ready to stain
Scribed nail guide on the panel
Ships anywhere in North America and overseas
Paper wrapped, cardboard protected, nylon strapped with heavy dunnage
Full-time technical advice available at 1-778-762-5052

Pinnacle Shingle Panel is a modern product that meets the high demands of today’s building industry.

A Natural Home Enhancer

When it comes to achieving a traditional exterior—be it siding for a New England-style home or a gable end feature for a West Coast craftsman—Pinnacle Panels are the way to go. Cedar’s naturally rich tonal range adds the kind of warm classic character and charm that man-made synthetic products can’t duplicate.

Superior Performance Properties

In addition to a timeless beauty that is unparalleled, cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects so Pinnacle Cedar Shingle Panels also outperform panels made from friable cement fiber. And due to its cellular structure, cedar is an excellent thermal insulator and can stand up to all kinds of weather.

The Longest Service Life

As one of the most sought-after looks in today’s market, Pinnacle Cedar Shingle Panels will elevate the appearance of your project—not just now, but for decades to come.