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Cedar Shingle Siding Panels

A Western Red Cedar Siding Product

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The World's Highest Quality Shingle Panel

Pinnacle Panels are handcrafted using selected, fine grain Western Red Cedar shingles. Panel installation is simple and fast while providing the appearance of expertly installed, premium quality, traditional cedar shingles.

Why Pinnacle Panels is the way of the future

Throughout North America cedar shingles were a traditional building cladding material of choice for centuries. Being highly resistant to all weather conditions, extremely long lasting, lightweight, easily transported, zero maintenance and affordable, cedar shingles were an obvious first choice.

Why Pinnacle Panel?

Timeless beauty, engineered to perfection

Using natural materials, Pinnacle Panel has created a highly durable, low-to-no maintenance, easily installed, environmentally sustainable siding product that retains all the advantages and timeless beauty of traditional cedar shingle siding without the disadvantages of both synthetic faux-wood siding and traditional individual cedar shingles.

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Pinnacle Panel is a modern product that meets the high demands of today’s building industry.

A Natural Home Enhancer

When it comes to achieving a traditional exterior—be it siding for a New England-style home or a gable end feature for a West Coast craftsman—Pinnacle Panels are the way to go. Cedar’s naturally rich tonal range adds the kind of warm classic character and charm that man-made synthetic products can’t duplicate.

Superior Performance Properties

In addition to a timeless beauty that is unparalleled, cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects so Pinnacle Cedar Panels also outperform panels made from friable cement fiber. And due to its cellular structure, cedar is an excellent thermal insulator and can stand up to all kinds of weather.

The Longest Service Life

As one of the most sought-after looks in today’s market, Pinnacle Shingle Panels will elevate the appearance of your project—not just now, but for decades to come.